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Fascias And Soffits Explained

what are fascias and soffits boards
  • About Fascia And Soffit Boards

    Fascias and soffits span horizontally along a roofline covering the ends of roofing rafters. Healthy fascia and soffit boards protect a home against the weather. Guttering is fitted to a roofline in order to collect and drain rainwater. Over time wooden roofline boards become rotten, damaged and require maintenance or replacing. Upvc fascias and soffits are a low maintenance alternative to wood. They are available in a wide selection of colours.

  • Difference Between A Fascia And Soffit

    If you're unfamiliar with fascias and soffits, you may be unsure of the difference between the two boards. Guttering is located and fixed to fascia boards, soffit runs underneath and faces the ground. Both boards are manufactured in 5 metre lengths. One of the main differences between the 2 boards is the thickness. Generally 16 - 18mm fascia boards and 8 - 9mm soffits are installed.

    About A Replacement Roofline

    A replacement roofline consists of fascia and soffit boards, guttering and vents. Replacing and upgrading a roofline includes:

    • Removing and replacing the fascias and soffits. Upvc boards are customer's no1 choice
    • Fitting new guttering and down pipes
    • Adding a ventilation to the roofline
    • Cutting back rotten felt ends and installing a pvc eaves protector
    • Installing a bird guard where possible

    What Is Roofline Cap Over?

    A cap over is a cheaper alternative to a replacement roofline. Installers providing a cap over will only cover over the existing wooden boards. Covering the materials only hides any rot or damage. It's recommended that customers choose a full replacement and have all the old materials fully removed and replaced.

    Upvc Fascia and Soffit Benefits

    Unlike wood, upvc fascias and soffits require no painting or varnishing. They require very little maintenance and can simply be cleaned with a cloth and warm soapy water.

    Here's Just 3 Reasons To Choose Upvc

    • 1) Improve the external aesthetics of your home
    • 2) Low Maintenance, no more painting or varnishing
    • 3) Adds ventilation to your home. Let your roof breathe

    More Info

    If you're thinking of upgrading your roofline, connect with local upvc fascia and soffit installers. Get a minimum of 3 quotes, ensure the prices quoted include a full roofline replacement. Companies provide free no obligation quotes and advice.

    Instead of asking "what are fascias and soffits", become an expert in roofline anatomy, whilst collecting multiple quotes.

    Fascia & Soffit Quotes

Areas Serviced

Fascia and soffit installers service a large area. Locations serviced include: Doncaster, Rotherham, Leeds, York, Wetherby, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Wakefield and Sheffield.

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