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Solar Panel Cost Uk

solar panels

Solar panels prices depend on the type and size system installed. 1-4kw photovoltaic solar panel systems are the most popular choice for UK home owners. The size of a system is dependant upon the customer's budget and roof space. Contact local pv solar panel companies and arrange for installers to visit your home, carry out a free survey and provide you with information about the different types of solar systems you could install on your home. Receive multiple quotes and compare the cost of solar panel systems from different installers and find the best deals.

  • About Pv Solar Panels

    You only require daylight in order to create energy, not be confused with sunshine. Hence even if your home does not receive much sunshine, solar panels can still produce solar energy. In order to achieve optimum benefits the solar panels should be south facing and installed in an un-shaded location.

    Solar panels are quite heavy, therefore, the supporting roof must be able carry the weight of the desired solar panel system. Contact a local fitter and arrange for a free no obligation survey of your home and receive a free no obligation quote for the installation of solar panels on your home.

    After the initial cost of installation, home owners can benefit from generating their own electricity, getting paid for the energy they produce and selling any excess electricity to the national grid. Making use of solar energy can cut the cost of your average household electricity bills, which means savings. Mcs Solar panel installers will be able to provide information on the Feed-In-Tariffs.

  • Solar System Benefits

    Having solar panels are an investment which means you need to be careful in choosing the system that is best for you, thus, doing your research is recommended. Systems installed on customers' roofs, come with a lot of benefits:

  • Free Electricity
    After the intial outlay cost, once installed, generate your own electricity (even on a cloudy day). Save money on your electricity bills, whilst producing your own power.

  • A Greener Home
    Having solar panels installed to your home, reduces the carbon foot print of the property.

  • Low Maintenance
    As solar panels have no moving parts, maintenance is minimal. However a panel should be free of dirt and grime in order to maximise it's potential.

Solar Panel Quotes

Solar Panel Installers

If you're thinking of adding a solar panel system to your home, before choosing an installer, here are some things worth considering:

  • Home Visit
    Contact local installers, they should be happy to pay you a visit in your home, analyse your home and give you the best recommendations for your roof type and budget. If a potential solar panel installer claims to be too busy to pay a visit to your property, then it may be worth considering contacting another fitter, willing to pay a visit.

  • Mcs Certification
    An important thing to find out about your potential solar panel installer is if they have MSC (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified.

  • Insurance
    Has the solar panel fitter got public liability insurance and do they provide insurance backed guarantees on their installations?

  • Check References & Reviews
    A professional installer will have already fitted systems to different people, they may live in your area, therefore, you could ask for any references from those customers. It's also worth reading a solar panel installers reviews online.

  • Recommendations
    Speak to your friends, family and neighbours if they have had solar panels fitted to there home Previous clients will narrate their experiences installers, and from there, you can draw your conclusion.

  • Understand the Solar Panel Quotes You Receive
    If you want to install a solar panel, you probably want the best system while saving money of the initial cost as much as possible. Solar panel prices depending on the installer and type of system you require. Obtain comparison quotes from different professionals, before choosing the best system and deal for you and your home. Ensure that you are clear on exactly what your quote includes and check there is nothing extra to pay.

  • Areas Covered

    Pv solar panel installers cover a large area, areas covered include; Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield, Nottingham, Otley and Rotherham

    Solar Panel Quotes

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