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Exterior Wall Coatings And Rendering Littleborough

Bring your external walls back to life. Contact wall coating and rendering companies that cover Littleborough and the surrounding OL postcodes. Compare products, services and prices before selecting a company to renovate your walls.

Exterior resin wall coating and rendering is a popular home improvement, amongst homeowners in Littleborough looking to enhance the external aesthetics of their homes. Worn looking walls in need of renovation, can be rejuvenated with the application of rendering and wall coating.

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Wall Coatings Littleborough

Wall Coating Benefits

3 Walls Coatings Benefits

Damp Prevention

Wall coatings are micro-porous, therefore, enable a home to breath whilst offering protection against damp.

Low Maintenance

Resin coated exterior walls are low maintenance and require no painting for years to come. Worried about mould? Relax, coatings are mould resistant.

Home Appearance

The appearance of a home can be transformed with wall coating or rendered walls. A tired looking home can be brought back to life. With a choice of coating and rendering colours, even the fussiest homes can be colour matched. Receive comparison wall coating and rendering quotes from local businesses able to accomodate your requirements.

Free no obligation quotes

There's multiple benefits to adding external wall coating to a home. Whatever your reasons for looking to renovate your walls, compare advice and prices from companies covering Littleborough.

Cost To Render And Coat Walls

How much does it cost to coat external walls?

Resin coating and rendering external walls prices vary. The overall cost depends on the wall's sizes, required access equipment and the product applied.

What does it cost to render a house?

The cost to render a house is based on the wall's surface area and is calculated per metre squared. The average cost per m2 is around £35. The geographical location generally affects the overall price, as companies in the South tend to charge higher prices to render houses.

What is the difference between plastering and rendering?

The main difference between plastering and rendering is location. Plastering is used internally, whereas, rendering is applied to external walls. Both base ingredients are the same; sand, cement and lime, however, render mixture contains a higher level of cement. As render contains more cement it's stronger than plaster, thus, ideal for rendering the exterior of homes and offering protection against mother nature.

Restore your home's walls. Contact Littleborough external wall coating and rendering specialists, offering free no obligation quotes. Obtain multiple quotes. Compare products, prices, guarantees and find the best deals.

Check that your quotes list exactly what's included in the prices. Avoid any hidden extras!