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Replacement Fascia & Soffit Prices

fascias and soffits
  • How much does it cost to replace soffits and fascia?

    The size of a property, amount of work (metres) required has the biggest impact on the cost of replacement fascias and soffits. Roofline installers charge per linear metre.

  • To get an accurate roofline quote, contact local fascia and soffit installers, alternatively, enter your details into the quote form on this page. By entering your details, you could receive upto 3 no obligation quotes.

    An accurate quote involves a roofline installer visiting the property and assessing the work required. The fitter can then calculate the linear metres required and determine the type of scaffolding needed.

    Roofline Prices

    When collecting replacement fascias and soffits prices, There's a few thing to consider other than the cost, before making any decisions.


    Suitable access equipment

    Is suitable access equipment going to be erected to provide a safe working environment for the workers? Not only does scaffolding provide safe working conditions, it also helps installers to complete customer's jobs more efficiently and effectively.

    A full replacement roofline or cap over?

    Are the installers offering a full replacement service or a cap over? A full roofline replacement service involves completely removing and replacing the existing materials. A cap over or clad over is a job in which the existing boards are only covered and not replaced, therefore, only hiding any rot or damaged materials.

    Board Thickness

    How thick are the roofline boards offered? Upvc fascia and soffit boards are available in different thicknesses. Generally 16-18mm fascia and 8-9mm soffit boards are installed, as these thicknesses help provide rooflines with adequate strengh against the weather.

    Ventilation Type

    What kind of ventilation will be added to the roof line? There's 2 types of vents, over fascia vents and soffit vents. The most popular vent is over fascia as it's hidden and doesn't visually attract as much dirt as soffit vents.

    Pvc eaves protectors?

    Are pvc eaves protectors being fitted under the first row of tiles? These act in a similar way to felt and bridge the gap between the roof and gutter, aiding the flow of rain water effectively.

    Bird guards?

    Have you got suitable tiles for bird guards to be installed, if so, will they be fitted? They offer protection against the likes of birds, bats and squirrels.

    Guttering and down pipes?

    Do your prices include the replacement of the gutters and down pipes? It's worth checking that the gutters and down pipes will be replaced. The most common gutter type installed is square, although other types are available like round and ogee.

    Dry verge caps

    If you have a gable, does the cost include dry verge caps? Check if dry verge caps will be added or if the gables will be repointed.


    Once the work has been completed, will the installers dispose of any rubbish, leaving your home in the same state as when they arrived?

    Public liability insurance

    Do the fitters hold public liability insurance? Companies are required to hold valid public liability insurance protecting them and covering your home in the unfortunate event of an accident.

    Insurance backed guarantees

    Companies may offer a guarantee, however, is their guarantee insuranced backed? If a company goes out of business, an insurance backed guarantee continues to cover their customer's work.

    Detailed Quotes

    It's worth receiving detailed quotes outlining the work included from fitters and checking that there's no hidden extras, like scaffolding or skip hire. Obtaining quotes helps customers compare not only the price but also exactly what's included in the cost. Never feel pressured to make a decision on the day, no matter how good a deal may sound. Search the market and ensure the installer you choose is reputable, meets your requirements and competitively priced.

  • Upvc Roofline Benefits

    Get the full benefits of a upvc roofline and opt for a full replacement when upgrading your roofline, this means that the existing wood isn't just covered over but completely removed. Covering the existing wood only hides any rot, however, getting a full replacement gets rid of the wood and provides a more complete job.

    Replacing and upgrading your roofline with upvc fascias and soffits provides a bunch of benefits

    5 Benefits

  • 1) Visual impact to your home
  • 2) Provides a finished appearance to your home
  • 3) Low Maintenance, no more painting or varnishing
  • 4) Bird guard, protects your home against birds and rodents
  • 5) Adds ventilation to your home

  • Fascia & Soffit Quotes
  • What Are Fascias And Soffits?

    What is the difference between a fascia and a soffit?

    Fascia and soffit boards are architectural elements that can be found along the eave area of properties. Fascias are the exposed horizontal boards that guttering is attached to with the use of gutter brackets. Fascia boards are available in different thicknesses, depending on the manufacturer, 16-18mm thick boards seem to be the most popular installed. Soffits are the boards located on the span that is beneath the rafter ends. The thickness of soffit boards is less than that of fascia boards, 8mm soffit boards is a popular choice amongst installers. Both fascias and soffits are available in a range of profile colours and styles to suit any home. Upvc roofline boards are designed to be low maintenance and guaranteed against rotting, cracking, warping and discolouring from manufacturers.

    Would you like to know more about fascias and soffits? If so, contact local installers that will be able to provide you with more information on the required work and the costs involved.

  • Fascia Installation Guide

    Below is a fascia and soffit installation guide, once suitable access equipment has been erected.

  • Remove existing fascias, soffits, guttering and down pipes
  • Push back first row of tiles and cut back any rotten felt ends
  • Upvc fascias and soffits fitted
  • Eaves protectors and ventilation added to roofline
  • Replacement gutters and down pipes installed
  • Roofline water test
  • Waste disposal

  • Upvc Roofline Colours And Styles

    Although flat white upvc fascias and soffits are the most popular, there's other colours and styles available, to suit any home:

  • Styles
    Ogee, square, bullnose and scalloped fascia boards

  • Colours
    Cream, grey, black, rosewood and honeyoak

Areas Covered

Fascia and soffit installers cover a large area. The locations they cover include; Doncaster, Wakefield, Sheffield, Rotherham, Leeds, York and Wetherby.

Thinking or replacing your roofline and looking to collect quotes? If so, enter your details into the quote form and receive upto 3 no obligation quotes.

Fascia & Soffit Quotes

Fascias & Soffits Installers

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