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Cost Of Double Glazed Windows | £300 - £500 per window?

double glazing prices 2020

How much do double glazing windows cost?

The cost of double glazing windows is around £300 - £500 + per frame in white upvc. The cost of coloured frames is generally about 25% more expensive, therefore, colours like; grey, rosewood, black and honey oak could cost you £375 - £625 per window in 2020.

Double Glazing Price Guide

Casement Window (white upvc) Coloured Frames
£300 - £500 + £375 - £625 +

If you're thinking of replacing your windows, getting a minimum of 3 comparison quotes is always a good idea. Arrange for Fensa or Certass registered installers to measure, design and price your replacement upvc windows. Customers can then receive accurate costs for the installation of double glazing windows and doors in their home. Don't overlook quality, ask companies to see samples and check their quality. Compare quotes, products, guarantees and find the best double glazing prices in 2020.

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Insurance backed guarantees

Upvc Window Price Factors

Replacement double glazing is made bespoke and to measure. Installers are available to measure and design replacement windows, however, the final cost depends on influencing factors which affect the window prices, these include:

  • Window Size
    The larger the double glazed window, the greater the price.

  • Upvc Profile
    Although white upvc is the most popular and cheapest, there's a number of other profile colours available on the market. Profile colours such as Grey, Black, Rosewood, Cream and Honey oak.

  • Glass Type
    If you're thinking of adding any patterns or designs to the glass, this will increase the double glazin price. Patterns and designs include leaded glass and bevels. In some locations upvc windows require toughened glass, this too will add to the window cost.

  • Window Openings
    Multi point locking mechanisms are fitted to opening windows, therefore, keeping the amount of openings to a minimum, could save you money off the cost of your replacement double glazing.

  • What is the average cost to replace windows?

    As a price guide, the average cost to replace windows could fall between £300 - £500 per frame in white. Therefore, replacing 8 x double glazing windows in a home could cost between £2400 and £4000. Expect to pay a premium on coloured profiles. It pays to shop around and find the lowest cost, quality replacement windows and doors.

    Are Grey Upvc Windows More Expensive Than White?

    As grey upvc windows are a popular replacement window choice in 2020, a faq is "Are grey upvc windows more expensive than white?" The anwser is yes, as grey is a coloured profile. Grey upvc could cost customers an additional 25% on the overall window cost. Manufacturers guarantee coloured profiles like; grey, black, honey oak and rosewood against fading and discolouring for 10 years. White upvc is supplied with longer guarantees or 20 years.

    Double Glazing Prices

  • Energy Rated Double Glazing

    Windows and doors form an essential part of any building, yet inefficient ones can make a home uncomfortable. Hence people wish to install quality windows and doors that withstand the cold weather conditions, drafts and noise outside. This has led to the manufacturing and installation of energy efficient upvc double glazing windows and doors. Energy efficient windows and doors can make a home feel more comfortable and help cut the cost of a home's energy bills and reduce carbon foot print.

  • About Upvc Windows

    Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (Upvc) frames are fitted with two separate glass panes. These panes are separated by a space bar, the space (mm) varies between double glazing manufacturers and the space bar used. The space between the two panes of glass often contains argon gas, designed and sealed to create a layer of insulation. Homes installed with energy rated sealed units require less energy to warm up, as they help prevent the heat from escaping outside. Hence, those who consider double glazing prices to be high should look at these energy saving benefits too in the long run. Unlike wooden windows, unplasticised poly vinyl chloride (upvc) windows require no painting or varnishing as they are designed to be low maintenance. Installing energy rated upvc windows not only contributes to savings on energy bills, but also helps save on maintenance costs too. Upvc double glazing windows and doors are available in a range of colours, designs, styles and shapes to enhance the appearance of customer's homes.

  • Is tripe glazing better than double glazing?

    In terms of energy efficiency, triple glazing is generally better than double glazing. Windows are energy rated and their thermal efficiency is determined by their U-value. The lower the U-value the higher the frames thermal efficiency. Typically the U-value of triple glazing is better than that of double glazing windows. Although triple glazed windows may save customers the most money on their energy bills, their initial cost is higher than upvc double glazed windows.

    How long does Upvc last?

    Installers guarantee their upvc installations for 10 years, however, it's not uncommon for upvc to last 20 years +. Generally upvc profile will outlast a window's sealed glass unit or locking mechanism.

    4 Things Worth Checking When Collecting Window Quotes


    Fensa / Certass Registration

    Are the fitters Fensa or Certass certified and qualified to install replacement windows? Fensa and Certass registered companies comply with any local building regulations.


    Does the company have valid public liability insurance and provide insurance backed guarantees on their work?


    The energy efficiency of a windows is rated. The higher the thermal efficiency the greater the savings on energy bill costs. Check the Window's Energy Rating (WER). Ratings go from A to G, with G rating being the least energy efficient.


    Feedback helps customers make more informed decisions about the companies they contact. Read reviews left by installer's previous customers.

    Finding The Best Deals

    Start by contacting local double glazing installers, offering free no obligation quotes. Arrange for them to visit your home in order to measure and help design your replacement windows. Whilst at your property they are available to provide info on their window spec and answer any question you may have.

    Obtaining several quotes, gives customers the chance to compare installers best double glazing prices, before making any decisions and choosing a fitter.

    Double Glazing Prices

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    4 Double Glazing Facts

    How much do you know about double glazing windows?


    Double glazing dates back to the late 1800's and is believed to arise from Scotland. During the Victorian era, some homes in Scotland were built with double glazed windows.


    Windows are designed to customers own requirements and needs. Customers can choose the likes of profile colour, the number of openings, opening type, and handle colour. A made to measure window is specifically manufactured to the required size of an opening in the wall, ensuring a finer fit during installation.

    Energy Savings

    Double glazed windows and doors reduce the amount of heat loss, thus, reducing customer's energy bills. The lower the U-value, the greater the thermal efficiency of a sealed unit and higher the savings on customer's energy costs. The Window Energy Rating (WER) goes from A-G, with the least thermal efficient rating being G.


    The market is highly competitive, helping customers benefit from better deals and lower prices. The cost of upvc windows has fallen over the years thanks to the competitive nature of the industry.

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