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Add an extra room to your home, creating additional space with a bespoke upvc conservatory

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Upvc Conservatory Cost

Compare quotes and conservatory prices from local designers and installers. Obtain Free no obligation advice and comparison quotes on a range of upvc conservatories.

Conservatories create extra space in a home. Whether it’s space to enjoy your meals views, a toy room or office. Conservatories provide additional room to a home, without the need to move and upgrade to a larger property. Whatever you need a conservatory for, the market is competitive, therefore, it's worth getting multiple quotes and comparing their different ideas and conservatory costs.

Benefits Of Installing Upvc Conservatories

With uPVC conservatories not only do you create additional space, you can get the following features and benefits:

  • • Upvc frames that are guaranteed against discolouring, warping and cracking. Unlike wood, upvc frame require no painting or varnishing.
  • • Easily mantain the frames, a gentle wipe with a soapy water cloth helps keep them clean.
  • • Conservatories are made bespoke and to measure, providing that professional finish.
  • • Windows are energy rated, helping keep heating costs down in the cold winter months.
  • • Multi-point window and doors locking mechanisms are installed for security.
  • Conservatory Styles

    There's different conservatory designs to choose from, made bespoke for homes and customer's personal preferances. If your looking to keep the cost down, a lean to conservatory may be worth considering. This style of conservatory is a great way to provide that extra space in your home whilst keep the overall installation price down.


  • • Lean To
  • • P Shaped
  • • Georgian
  • • Edwardian
  • • Gable Ended
  • If you're looking to add additional space to your home and unsure of the best type of conservatories for your home, connect with local installers. They will help design your ideal conservatory and give you the installation cost.

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    Alternative Options

    Whilst conservatories are a popular choice amongst home owners, there are other options available to create additional space on a property.

  • Orangeries
    An orangery creates extra living space, however, this style tends to be constructed with more brick than glass. Although an orangery may cost more than a conservatory, they are becoming very popular.

  • Tiled Roof Extensions
    Extensions are built to resemble a permanent feature of the home. They offer a solid structure that is perfect for privacy. As an extension is a permanent structure it may require planning permission.
    • Prices Of Conservatories

      As conservatories are made bespoke, the best place to get an accurate prices is from local conservatory designers and installers. However, factors that will impact the overall cost include:

    • Conservatory Size
      Wether you choose a lean to or gable ended conservatory, the size will affect the final cost. The larger structure, the greater the price.

    • Style
      There is a range of conservatory designs to choose from, each with their own price tag. However, a lean to conservatory, is a basic design, therefore, one of the cheapest price options and popular amongst home owners looking to benefit from the additional space they offer, whilst keeping the price down.

    • Roof Type
      Glass, tiled or polycarbonate are roofing options. Although polycarbonate roofs are the cheapest option, do they offer enough insulation in winter and enough protection summer? If investing in a conservatory, it's important to choose the right roof. The wrong roof could create a seasonal room, where the room is too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The idea of a conservatory is to untilse the space all year, therefore, selecting the right roof is important, even if it means the cost is greater than creating a roof for a seasonal conservatory, it's worth considering the benefits.

    • Colour
      The chosen colour of a conservatory is personal preference. White is the least expensive profile colour and often chosen for this reason and also to match the home's existing window colour. Other colour choices include: Grey, Black, Cream, Rosewood and Honeyoak.

    • Electrics
      A new conservatory requires electricity, for lights, heating and appliances. The cost of an electrical insatallation will depend on the amount of work electric work required. To keep the cost down, reduce the amount of required sockets and light fittings.

    • Doors
      Conservatories need an entrance and exit. Will yours have french doors, a sliding patio, bi fold doors or a single door? French doors are the most popular selection, although, bi folding doors are becoming increasingly popular.

    • Pipes
      Will your soil stack pipe need moving to make space for the conservatory? If so, this will incur charge, as will the moving of underground drains.

    • Ground
      How much work is necessary before the conservatory installation can begin? Is your garden flat or does it need levelling?
    • It's always best to contact local conservatory companies to arrange for a free conservatory design and quote, you can then receive help and advice in designing your new bespoke conservatory.

    Conservatory Quotes

    Planning Permission

    Do conservatories require planning permission?
    Most conservatories do not require planning permission, however, it's wise to check wether your new conservatory would require permission. Local conservatory installers will be able to provide more info and help assist you further.

    Choosing An Installer

    Whilst obtaing quotes for conservatories, it's also worth checking the installers:

  • Accreditations And Qualifications
    Check and verify designers accreditations & qualifications. Are they qualified to complete your conservatory?

  • Insurance
    Is public liability insurance in place and insurance backed guarantees provided on installtions?

  • Reviews
    Read reviews left by previous customers, sharing their experiences with the conservatory designer and installer
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